Stop the Rejection. Self Publish!

Ken Wachsberger, author of "You've Got the Time: How to Write and Publish That Book in You"

The Boston Chapter’s recent workshop, Stop the Rejection – Self Publish, was a great success, drawing both members and non-members. Independent publishing allows you to be in full control of your writing and ensures that your book’s concept, content and cover are not altered by commercial interests.

The pilot project allowed participants from around the country to learn from three NWU activists who have years of experience in independent publishing. Tim Sheard ( spoke from New York; Ken Wachsberger ( from Michigan; and Willie Wideman Pleasants ( from Boston, who also hosted the event.

The two-hour zoom has been recorded, and includes information on editing, copyright, peer review, book cover (fonts, title, color, cost); the content is available free.

If you think self-publishing is as simple as writing a manuscript and saving it as a pdf, you need to hear these experts’ advice about the rewards and pitfalls. To view it, google: youtube self-publishing workshop part 1 on Willie’s Web Show.