WHEREAS the desperate needs of the poor in the U.S. have gone unsatisfied.

WHEREAS the cost of housing, food,clothing and other basic essentials have continued to rise.

WHEREAS  government cutbacks by the Trump administration has further humiliated and exacerbated the living conditions of the poor.

WHEREAS the current administration continues it policy of wasteful military spending despite the obvious desperate needs of the poor and working people.

WHEREAS the nation was promised education to all.This education would be equal regardless of race,creed or color and this promise would be delivered with all deliberate speed yet America still has unequal education and inferior schools for the vast majority of its poor and black citizens.

WHEREAS we in the NWU feel that the only way to fight back this moral injustice of poverty, racial bigotry and discrimination is through direct action and progressive legislation.

WHEREAS  the Trump administration has been callous in its treatment of the poor and oppressed in this land.

WHEREAS as the Poor People’s Campaign has been launched to fight for the poor and stand against poverty and the immoral indignity of it.

WHEREAS on June 23,2018, the poor people’s campaign conducted a march to combat and stand against poverty in these United States

RESOLVED the NWU support both the march and the Poor People’s Campaign against the injustice and depravity of poverty in the United States of America

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