WHEREAS the National Writers Union is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life and supporting writers and freedom of expression AND

WHEREAS the National Writers Union needs to raise awareness regarding the current immigration state of affairs and attacks against immigrants by the current administration, AND

WHEREAS the National Writers Union represents immigrant writers, who should enjoy the same rights and freedom of all writers in the United States,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the National Writers Union sponsor, support and collaborate in a national campaign to free Manuel Durán Ortega, a Salvadoran immigrant reporter arrested in Tennessee and currently in deportation proceedings, AND

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all Chapters of the National Writers Union make their best effort to reach out to Spanish language writers, reporters and media to support the campaign to free Manuel Duran Ortega.

RESPONSIBLE PARTIES: The Spanish language division of the National Writers Union should support all chapters with the proper information and details of the campaign, and follow up with updates and gather information regarding its outcomes.

CONTACT: Jorge Mújica, Co-Chair, Chicago Chapter, 773-844-9910,; Mauricio Niebla,

SPONSORS: Journalism Division