Reportback: Writers’ Day Camp, October 24, 2020

October 24, 2020
by Shannon O’Connor


by Shannon O’Connor
Charles Coe has been doing his Writers’ Day Camp for a while, but I had never gone until October of this year. I went because lately I have been trying to stretch my writing muscles in different ways, since I have had ample time staying home during the pandemic. Isn’t everyone trying to write more now?
Charles explained how the workshop would be similar to “speed dating.” He asked if anyone had ever gone to speed dating, and barely anyone would admit to doing so. The process for the class was that he would ask a question, and the students had three minutes to write whatever came to mind. They decided the best way to write in this fashion was to write the first thing they thought of, no matter how ridiculous or bizarre.
The people in the class went around and read what they wrote. Some were funny and some were personal. Not everything written was perfect, but some were seeds of ideas that could turn into something larger, fleshed out to be a finished piece.
Charles asked intriguing questions, and that’s what writers want at times, to stoke the fires of imagination, and discover material that’s worth writing. 
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