Public Citizen’s Health Research Group is Seeking a New Managing Editor

The drug and medical device industry’s lobbying power in Washington is strong. Public Citizen‘s Health Research Group works to counter this influence by removing dangerous drugs and devices off the market, highlighting unethical clinical trials, holding the Food and Drug Administration accountable, publishing reports, sending out petitions, producing newsletters, and more. The organization needs a new managing editor that’s willing to take on all of this as part of the job description

This is a salaried position that include medical and dental benefits, plus three weeks of paid vacation. The list of responsibilities is long, but this looks like the kind of job you can tackle in addition to freelance work. Applicants should have three to ten years of administrative or editorial experience, preferably related to health.

You can apply for the position online. If you do, tell them you heard about the job through Union City, the daily e-newsletter of the Metropolitan Washington AFL-CIO. And if you land the job, please inform NWU DC Chapter Chair Virginia Diamond. Our local chapter would love to know!