NWU Members 2017 Goals

As 2017 gets up to speed, it’s time for us to set our intentions. So we asked members for their goals for the year. Here’s what they shared: David Hill: I’m going to finish my manuscript, turn it in to my editor, and get back to working on freelance projects again. My book is called The Vapors: A Casino in Southern Gothic, and it’s a braided work of history and memoir about my grandmother and the illegal casino she worked at in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Follow along with me as I try to finish it by subscribing to my monthly newsletter “Letter from Hot Springs” at www.tinyletter.com/davidhill  September Williams: As a writer, physician bioethicist and filmmaker, I’d like to bring down the Trump Administration by any means possible; win my category of the open-water rowing regatta in April; and pitch the first of a series of Fiction+Eco romance novels (with a social/ environmental justice theme) to agents/publishers… Jeanne K. Cosmos: Publish a new book and start a successful tutoring company. I also envision a roll out of immigration services to support peoples’ process to remain in the US… Alecia Goodlow- Young: One of my professional goals is to finish writing my memoir called Life with Mummy TsunamiMike McCallister: Write my next book, Linux Power; score another regular article client (in addition to my current gig with the WordPress news site, WPMU.org; and redesign my website, michaelmccallister.com… Scott Urbanowski: Inspire people to create change in themselves and their communities… Mitzi Runyard: Step out of my comfort zone, place a higher priority on my personal goals (include myself on the list of those for whom I do kind and thoughtful things)… Bertel King: Write (but not necessarily publish) another book; and start my own blog… Elle Febbo: Publish some edgy stories; help 100 authors publish their books; and reach more writers as we expand & continue to diversify our SoCal NWU chapter! Pamela K. Johnson: Complete my novel and a documentary on my father called Daddy Remembers Harlem.