October is Delegate Assembly Month

Demetria Wambia opens the reception. Courtesy Gary Schoichet.

The 2021 Delegate Assembly will take place October 21-23, on Zoom. All members are invited to attend the assembly and any or all the activities surrounding it. You can register here.

Here is a partial list of what we have planned so far:

  • Standing Committee meetings will take place before the DA, on separate nights so you can attend more than one if you like. They will meet at 7pm EDT/4pm Pacific. Please let us know if you are interested in Co-Chairing any of these meetings.
    • Women’s Committee – October 5
    • BLM/Racial Justice Committee – October 7
    • Immigration/International Committee – October 12
    • Legislative Committee – October 14
  • In NYC, Friday, October 8 is NWU’s Night at the Movies. The Workers Unite Film Festival is showing NWU member Kathleen Foster’s film, “Afghan Women.” Kathleen was in Afghanistan in the late 1970’s as Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski were arming and training the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the Mujaheddin to overthrow the Afghan government that was initiating economic and social reforms. The NY Chapter has agreed to pay for the first 10 NWU members who show up for this film and panel with the film makers afterwards. Contact Ekim at ekim.kilic@gmail.com.
  • On Friday, Oct. 22, at 6:00pm EDT, we will have a cocktail-hour craft talk with 1st VP Dave Hill on his best-selling book, “The Vapors.” Dave will be interviewed by 2nd VP and seasoned journalist and interviewer Pamela Johnson on Dave’s journey home to Hot Springs, AK and his family ties to the town that once competed with Las Vegas for the gambling Capitol of the US. He’ll also discuss his experience with the current book publishing world.
  • The agenda is also coming together with a few guest speakers and reports from the work we are carrying out. There will be updates on our Freelance Solidarity Project organizing campaign to raise rates and standards for digital media workers, our campaigns to spread Freelance Isn’t Free legislation to Los Angeles and state-wide in New York, meetings of the Journalism and Book Divisions, updates on the GCC/IBT service agreement and the provisional 2-year Direct Union Local Affiliation with the AFL-CIO, along with discussion and debate on bylaw changes and resolutions.

We look forward to seeing you there. Register here for the 2021 Delegate Assembly.