NWU Supports Verizon Workers' Strike

The war on collective bargaining goes on, this time at Verizon

Despite making $19.5 billion in profits and paying out $258 million to its top 5 executives in the last four years, Verizon wants to take back more than 50 years of collective bargaining and destroy middle class jobs.

Verizon has refused to move from a long list of nearly 100 concession demands. CWA and IBEW have taken the unprecedented step of striking until Verizon stops its Wisconsin-style tactics and starts bargaining seriously.

Verizon’s demands include: freeze pensions for current workers and eliminate them for future workers, allow contracting out and offshoring of more jobs, slash sick leave, completely gut health care plans for current and retired workers, and eliminate disability payments for injured workers.

Read more on the CWA's website

How Can I Help?

Walk a picket line

Sign the CWA's petition

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NWU at the picket line standing up against corporate greed


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