NWU Submits Comments on Copyright Small Claims Court

The NWU has filed comments with the U.S. Copyright Office in response to that office's public inquiry about "how copyright owners have handled small copyright claims and the obstacles they have encountered, as well as potential alternatives to the current legal system that could better accommodate such claims."

The NWU's comments focus on the real-world experience of NWU members whose copyrights have been infringed, and the patterns and trends in infringement-related grievances which have been brought to the attention of the Grievance and Contract Division. Our comments provide a snapshot of the problem copyright infringement poses for working writers, and a blueprint for what needs to be done about it. The NWU's comments were drafted by Book Division Co-Chair Edward Hasbrouck and reviewed and revised by an ad hoc committee made up of GCD members and Book Division co-chairs, as well as First Vice President Ann Hoffmann.

The deadline for submission of comments, originally Jan. 16, has been extended until 5 p.m. Eastern time on Jan. 17 in light of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday observance.  Anyone can submit comments.

We encourage individual members who have had copyright issues to submit their own statements. Please identify yourselves as NWU members; you may wish to mention that you also endorse the NWU's comments. A comment form, along with background on the possibility of a special court or special procedures for small copyright claims, is posted on the Copyright Office website at http://www.copyright.gov/docs/smallclaims. If you are considering filing your own comments and would like to coordinate them with the NWU, please contact Book Division Co-Chair Susan E Davis at sednyc@rcn.com.

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