NWU Statement on Abortion Rights

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which has guaranteed the constitutional right to abortion for the past 50 years, is a brazen attack on the right to bodily autonomy. Making one’s own decisions about medical care is a fundamental human right, and eliminating access to abortion will have a devastating impact on women, particularly working-class women of color. The decision also bolsters the current wave of legislation targeting LGBTQ people, many of whom will be forced to bring unwanted pregnancies to term. Furthermore, this ruling is a sure sign that other rights, all of which were fought for by working people, will soon be targeted by a Supreme Court whose views are contrary to those of the majority of Americans. The National Writers Union is committed to organizing in support of the rights of all people to make decisions about their own bodies, and will stand against all future assaults on individual and collective rights. A free, healthy, and creative world—the kind of world that unions like ours are building—requires nothing less.