Latina Freelancers Receive $43,000 to Cover Unpaid Invoices

We were building a mass grievance at Latina and Latina Kitchen. We had organized a group of 14 writers and photographers who were owed more than $45,000 by the publications’ owner Solera Capital, LLC, a private equity firm in NYC. Latina’s website was down, and my emails to their officers bounced back. Still, we moved forward, planning to add a few more folks and stage an action in front of Solera’s offices on Madison Ave, when all of a sudden our members started receiving checks. So far, Latina has paid out $43,742 to 14 freelance writers and photographers, without the need for attorneys.

We just signed a payment agreement with the publisher of Consumers Digest, to pay 17 writers more than $63,000. The owner has agreed to make monthly payments of about $5,000, oldest contracts first, beginning in June. This was settled without the need for attorneys.

Finally,The UAW Legal Dept. has taken the Uptown grievance, where we have six members who are owed about $16,000. These writers have waited since last July for this to move forward. So far, demand letters have been sent and our attorney has spoken with one of the two owners, who was not at all helpful.