NWU Picnic a Breeze

picnic(1)Nineteen people attended the National Writers Union, New York Chapter’s annual picnic on Saturday, August 23, at Riverside Park in Manhattan.

The ambiance was perfect. The Hudson River, shimmering blue like Apache jewelry, offered bountiful breeze, and the trees, limbs stretched out like tents and dressed in grand, garden-green, served as shade from the sun; above all, the serenity was almost sacred for those of us seeking solace from the concrete jungle.

Folks brought a variety of scrumptious home-cooked food including B-B-Q baked chicken, fried chicken, a three-bean salad, an egg salad, various styles of chicken salad, Korean sweet potato pie, organic ice cream cones stuffed with fruit, couscous, vegan dishes from Whole Foods, and enough water to satisfy a thirsty camel.

Smiles and laughs were as plentiful as the sunshine. The writers enjoyed each others company and engaged in conversations about their writings, their current projects, their personal growth and development, and even hard but valuable lessons learned from failed love relationships.

One member approached Hard Ball Press publisher Tim Sheard with queries about the business side of publishing. Poet Garrett Robinson offered to sing Wandering Song, a poem from his up and coming solo presentation of his play, A Letter to Zoey, which he is scheduled to perform as part of the United Solo Theater Festival in October at Theater Row. He sang it with a delightful touch of Frank Sinatra.

The NWU may have to apologize to the New York City Parks Department for the picnickers who stayed beyond the agreed-upon time, 5 p.m., since some didn’t leave until 7. That’s what happens when you are absolutely enjoying yourself.

©  Article, photo: Yusef Salaam, 2015