NWU Passes Resolution in Solidarity with GM Workers in Columbia

Whereas at its 36th Constitutional Convention the UAW resolved:

“We must win justice for our brothers and sisters around the world, if we
are to win justice for American workers,” and

“We must change the behavior and hold accountable employers that cast basic
labor standards aside and deny workers their rights, regardless of where
their headquarters are located, to ensure that everyone who works for the
same employer enjoys job security, a voice at work and a living wage” and

“We will engage in struggles for human and labor rights around the world,”

Whereas many hundreds of Colombian GM workers have witnessed their basic
labor standards rights cast aside, resulting in serious workplace injuries
and subsequent mass dismissals,

Whereas the injured workers’ association ASOTRECOL, along with the union,
SINTRAIME are fighting for justice for the injured and dismissed workers,
and have appealed for support and solidarity from the UAW,

Whereas UAW rank and file members have responded to that appeal with over
$10,000 of plant gate collections, local union donations and other acts of

Be it resolved that the UAW:

Hold GM accountable and change its behavior regarding its callous disregard
for the rights of its Colombian workers,

Demand that GM re-initiate the mediation with ASOTRECOL begun in 2012 with
the intent of reaching a fair and final settlement,

Use its website and publications to publicize the heroic struggle of the
Colombian GM workers and encourage local unions to engage in acts of
solidarity to support them in their fight for job security, a voice at work
and a living wage.