NWU Member Jo Anne Meekins Represents at the NYC Poetry Festival

National Writers Union (NWU) member Jo Anne Meekins shared her inspirational poem, “There’s Still Healing for the Hurting,” at the 2015 NYC Poetry Festival on Governors Island. In solidarity with several other poets representing the New York Chapter, they gathered and awaited their 12:30 – 1 pm time slot to read from the Chumley stage. Afterwards, Jo Anne joined event liaison-coordinator and fellow poet Garrett Robinson  to serve at the NWU table and encourage attendees to sign up for our mailing list, publish their work and join the union. Former Steering Committee Chair Tim Sheard and his lovely wife Mary also helped out at the table.

Additional NWU readers were:


IMG_0873 IMG_0828I had a wonderful experience sharing my work, interacting with new people, meeting members and getting to know other members better, all on a bright beautiful day in a water surrounded, outdoor historic environment! Plus my favorite sister-friend Michelle and her family travelled along to support me and create a fun-filled, satisfying day.” – Jo Anne  

A warm thank you for all the poets who participated and everyone who visited the table and the numerous people who helped out at the New York Poetry Festival.  We all had a great time and I believe it was a wonderful success that provided an opportunity to demonstrate the Union’s commitment to writers and to literature.  We were able to get over 25 people to sign up for the mailing list and I feel confident that from the event we will be able to add several new members …. We had great weather, a wonderful crowd, a lot of visitors expressing interest in the Union and the air was filled with the beautiful music of poetry for an entire weekend!” – Garrett

Thank you NWU for a great time and this opportunity!  Thank you Garrett for your work on the Festival. And the other folks staffing the table. Thanks Raymond for bringing the idea of the NYC Poetry Festival to your colleagues at NWU. And thanks Malik for holding the lineup together.  I was a proud union member and felt we broke open the color line so to speak, at the Chumley Stage and represented NYC/NWU well.  Also, I look forward to more with my other fellow poets in NWU.” – Zigi

It was indeed an incredible day, a beautiful event—and quite beautiful on Governors Island. I was glad to be a part of the festival and the National Writers Union (NWU)…” – Raymond

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