April 2, 2013:  Heart and Soul and the NWU have reached a written settlement agreement that resolves all disputes over unpaid fees with the 12 individual writers represented by the NWU in this Agreement, and made an initial payment towards this final settlement.


June 12, 2012: Beginning in January of 2011, Heart & Soul magazine stopped paying its contract writers and staff editors. The National Writers Union intervened in November. By May 2012, several freelancers were paid, five of them in full. No payments have been made since then as H&S has failed to fulfill repeated and documented promises to pay in full. H&S still owes over $135,000 to seven writers and editors that the NWU represents. There are others. The NWU continues to pursue this matter vigorously and urges writers to take the ongoing situation into account before submitting work to Heart & Soul.

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