NWU Is Seeking New Union Affiliation

Since the NWU’s decision to disaffiliate from the United Auto Workers last year, our executive committee has been working hard to find a new partner for our union as we move forward with our work to raise standards for freelance media workers. We have explored both affiliation with another large international union as well as strategic partnerships with existing organizations and unions of writers.
While the NWU is able to exist independently, we see partnership with a larger union as a means to expand the organizing and advocacy work that we currently do. We believe now is perhaps the best time in our union’s recent history for us to grow and to win important victories on behalf of freelancers. But to do that to a scale that is meaningful, we need the support, the resources, and the backing of a major national union. We need the advantage of a large legal department, organizing expertise, and strategic campaign resources.
This process has not been easy, and has been further complicated by the pandemic. However we have been encouraged by how many unions and groups are enthusiastic about working with us, and potentially affiliating with us. Exactly which organization we end up working with will come down to how much the terms of such an agreement will allow us to continue the work we have been successful at, while also adding new value from our potential partners. We expect that at the 2021 Delegates Assembly we will have an opportunity to discuss any potential partnerships or affiliations and ratify them.