NWU Files Amicus Against Google Scanning Project

NWU Files Amicus Against Google Scanning Project

Today the NWU joined other organizations of writers to file a friend-of-the-court brief with the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in support of allowing copyright infringement litigation against Google's scanning of entire libraries of books to proceed as a class action.

The brief opposes Google's appeal of the trial judge's ruling certifying the class of authors whose books were scanned without their permission. The judge also allowed the Authors Guild to represent its members in  the law suit.

"The ability to join together to pursue collective grievances, and to represent our members in class actions and group grievances, is central to the role of the NWU as a labor union," says NWU President Larry Goldbetter. "Writers should not have to go it alone or bring separate lawsuits when we confront a corporation as large as Google which has engaged in the same pattern of theft from millions of authors."

A proposed settlement of the lawsuit against Google was opposed by the NWU and many other writers, and was rejected by the trial judge as unfair and inadequate. Following that ruling, the lawsuit has continued toward a trial or resolution on the merits. "The NWU opposed a specific proposal that was made to settle this lawsuit," Goldbetter notes. "But we have always believed that Google's wholesale book scanning infringes our rights. As the filing of this friend-of-the-court brief makes clear, we continue to oppose Google's book-scanning without permission or payment, and to support this legal challenge to it."

Read the amicus brief here.

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