NWU Comments on a Copyright Small Claims Court

In response to a request by the U.S. Copyright Office for follow-ups to the previous written comments and in-person hearings in which the NWUparticipated, the NWU has submitted reply comments on the possibility of a "Copyright Small Claims Court".

The NWU reply comments respond to specific questions asked by the Copyright Office about issues raised by the NWU, particularly the need to make sure that any new small claims court or small claims procedures are accessible to writers outside the US, who are entitled by the Berne Convention copyright treaty to equal protection of their copyrights without "formalities" such as being required to register their copyrights.

The NWU's reply comments on remedies for copyright claims thus anticipate some of the issues raised by calls from opponents of copyright to make copyright registration more difficult and expensive, or to impose new "formalities," so that only the most valuable works will be protected and less valuable works will be "abandoned" to the public domain.

Read the NWU comments here.

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