Member Joe Berry Included in Anthology

This book is the only thing published so far that illuminates the “other side” of the famous split that tore Students of a Democratic Society (SDS) apart in the summer of 1969. Rather than focusing on those who soon became the Weathermen, and were never more than a tiny percentage of the 100,000 who considered […]

Local Business Journal Seeks Reporter to Cover Amazon

Amazon is coming to Arlington County. That means Washington DC suburbs will soon be the home of thousands more highly-paid tech employees. The region will also be home to a company with a history of undermining both peoples’ economic stability and our privacy. Covering Amazon is no longer a long-distance affair. We need someone local […]

They Went to the Mexican Border to Help

My husband, Jose Rosa, and I responded to an outreach call from the New Sanctuary Coalition (NSC), and went to the Mexican/US border in late January. NSC has invited our union members to stand in solidarity with those who’ve been traveling in recent months in a caravan from Central America. Four NWU members have taken up that […]

Nor Cal NWU Benefits From Local Conferences

NWU’s NorCal members will gather February 14-17 to staff an information table at the San Francisco Writer Conference (SFWC), a celebration of craft, commerce and community. More than 700 writers attending from around the country will have opportunities to meet publishers, editors, reviewers, and media experts in multiple genres. These include fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. […]

NWU Attends Union Conference in Las Vegas

As members of UAW Local 1981, we’re well aware that our union is composed of more than just autoworkers. This fact was brought into sharp relief in January at the UAW’s 2019 TOP, Competitive Shop/IPS, and Gaming Departments Conference in Las Vegas. The event brought together locals representing just about every industry outside of the […]

Bridging NWU and NABJ

Since joining the writer’s union, I developed a great understanding of how important and empowering it is to have a team of people supporting you. But beyond that. NWU has proven to be an invaluable tool for me as a creative, especially with access to trained NWU experts who look over my literary contracts and […]

Settlement of Goldberg Lawsuit A Victory for Journalists

National Writers Union member Ryan Goldberg, a NYC-based freelance journalist, has recently settled the defamation lawsuit brought against him by the subject of one of his investigative stories. The 2017 lawsuit took issue with Goldberg’s 2016 article, “How America’s Favorite Sports Betting Expert Turned A Sucker’s Game Into an Industry,” on the website Deadspin. The […]

Yusef Salaam to Present Book in Harlem

From 3-4 p.m. on February 16, Sisters Uptown Bookstorein Harlem welcomes the NWU’s Yusef Salaam, the author of a new children’s book Elijah Muhammad: Builder of a Nation. The interactive event will feature Salaam reading from his new work, with children and parents sharing their ideas, as well. A retired junior high school teacher, Salaam tells […]

Postcard From Morocco

Morocco will dispel many stereotypes about this country. Though 97% Muslim, burkas are in relatively short supply. Western clothes proliferate, especially in the large cities. The landscape is surprisingly green except for the Sahara desert in the south. From the cities teeming with shopkeepers and laborers to the fields and villages where men gather to watch […]

Free Marzieh Hashemi!

Marzieh Hashemi was released from custody on Wednesday, January 23, after being held for 10 days. She was not arrested or charged with a crime. In a statement the family said, “Marzieh and her family will not allow this to be swept under the carpet…Just as America is aware of the harassment of the Black community […]