NWU Lobbies for Paid Sick Days, and Against Wage Theft and Misclassification

Six members of the National Writers Union joined approximately 150 members of various UAW locals from Regions 9 and 9A at the New York State Community Action Program (CAP) Council’s 2020 Political Education/Lobbying Conference in Albany, New York, March 1 – 4. Inspiring, instructive speeches were offered by the New York State chairman of the […]

NWU-NY Co-Chair Raymond Nat Turner Day in Berkeley, CA

Tuesday February 25 was proclaimed “Raymond Nat Turner Day” in Berkeley. Never in my wildest imagination had I dreamed of having a day in my honor. Had I bothered dreaming, the Peoples’ Republic of Berkeley—which has  paid holidays commemorating Malcolm X and Indigenous Peoples Day as well as MLK—would certainly have been the setting. The […]

NWU Attends International Conference on Social Media in Qatar

The Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign have reportedly compiled an average of 3,000 data points on every voter in America. They have spent years experimenting with ways to tweak their messages based not just on gender and geography, but on whether you own a gun or play golf.

Not Just About Race: American Dirt has Class Issue

The novel American Dirt chronicles a middle-class Mexican woman and her son on a harrowing journey to the US as they flee cartel violence. Jeanine Cummins’ book is at the center of a train wreck in publishing for its obvious race problems and less visible class issues. The publisher, Macmillian, insisted on positioning the work […]

Close the Camps!

New York, NY February 16 – NWU members joined around 500 activists in a march organized by Close the Camps to the New York Time Square headquarters of Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters, a media conglomerate has lucrative contracts with the government to provide immigrant-tracking data that directly empowers U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) […]

The Freelance Solidarity Project Announces Special Election Candidates For Organizing Committee

The Freelance Solidarity Project is hosting a special election this month to fill two vacancies on our Organizing Committee. One person will help Emma Whitford with Communications, and the other will work on Events with Michael Baginski. Co-chairs are responsible for communication between chairs and members, guiding discussions in general meetings, and managing important areas […]

Lo que los escritores deben saber de la ley AB5

El pasado 22 de enero, el Sindicato Nacional de Escritores NWU y el Writers Guild realizaron un panel sobre “Lo que los escritores deben saber sobre AB5 y leyes similares para terminar con la errónea clasificación de trabajadores”. Los oradores fueron la Directora Ejecutiva del Writers Guild, Mary Rasenberger, el abogado de la Unidad de […]


Would you take a job offer from a company you’ve never heard of without checking up on it? Would you accept a marriage proposal without knowing anything about your intended partner’s family? But a lot of authors take the first book contract they’re offered, even though they’ve never heard of the publisher. Then, when the […]

Getting Writers Read and Fed!

The NWU is Back at the San Francisco Writers Conference February, 13-16, 2020. The National Writers Union Northern California Chapter will be at the conference for a 4th year, and is presenting the one-hour panel, Getting Read and Getting Fed! This panel includes NWU Members Cedric O’Bannon, Edward Hasbrouck, Brigid O’Farrell, and September Williams. This event takes place […]

NWU Open Mic Ends 2019 with KA-BOOM!

The NWU Open Mic at the Manhattan-based Muhlenberg New York Public Library ended 2019 with a resounding KA-BOOM! Over 30 writers, poets, rappers, singers, and instrumentalists enjoyed hot coffee, creamy pastries, and warm camaraderie. The NWU has continuously run this monthly open mic at the NYPL since 2013. As NY Steering Committee member and national trustee, I currently […]