We Need a Law to Support Local Journalism

Northwestern University’s Medill Institute recently released,  “The State of Local News 2022: Expanding News Deserts, Growing Gaps, Emerging Models.” This report out of the institute’s Local News Initiative of has inspired a series of editorials on the crisis of local journalism in newspapers across the country. These include Katrina vanden Heuvel’s column in the Washington Post “Save […]

Media Workers Plan “Freelance Isn’t Free” Campaign for IL

Chicago, IL – July 21: Today, about 20 freelance media workers gathered for a happy hour to learn more about the Freelance Isn’t Free law. This was the first in-person event hosted in Chicago by the Freelance Solidarity Project (FSP), the Digital Media division of NWU.  Writers, editors, critics, fact-checkers, data reporters and production assistants […]

El Sindicato Nacional de Escritores condena la corrupción periodística del director de la televisora española La Sexta por influir en las elecciones presidenciales de España usando “fake news”

El Sindicato Nacional de Escritores (NWU) de EEUU condena tajantemente la manipulación informativa y la praxis antiprofesional y antidemocrática de Antonio García Ferreras, director de la cadena televisiva española La Sexta, tras la difusión en 2016 de informaciones falsas sobre el entonces candidato a la presidencia por el partido Unidas Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, semanas previas […]

We stand in solidarity with Kurdish journalists in the face of recent attacks from Erdogan regime

The National Writers Union condemns the recent arrests of 16 journalists by Turkish authorities. We are closely watching the situation as the Erdoğan government is attacking journalists, academics, political organizers and all the social opposition to keep its power. We are particularly aware that the Kurdish people face constant oppression, mass arrest, closure of their […]

PJS: The US Report Legalizes the Killing of Palestinian Journalists and Justifies Israeli Crimes Against Journalists

Ramallah, July 4th, 2022 The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) condemns the report issued by the American investigation committee, describing it very dangerous and eliminates international protection of Palestinian journalists and workers in the Palestinian territories. The PJS considers the “American experts’ report”, regarding the examination of the Israeli bullet that killed the martyr journalist Shireen […]

NWU Statement on Abortion Rights

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which has guaranteed the constitutional right to abortion for the past 50 years, is a brazen attack on the right to bodily autonomy. Making one’s own decisions about medical care is a fundamental human right, and eliminating access to abortion will have a devastating impact on […]

Freelance Isn’t Free is Coming to LA!

Los Angeles, June 28 – Yesterday the City Council Committee on Economic Development and Jobs voted unanimously to have the City Attorney draft an ordinance to make Freelance Isn’t Free the law in LA. The new law will  take effect on July 1, 2023, giving the City time to fund staff and enforcement mechanisms, and will coincide with […]

Sue Davis’s Abortion-Themed Novel Still Resonates

With the Supreme Court’s expected overturn of Roe v, Wade, nuanced perspectives on abortion are rare. So it’s a good time to revisit Susan Elizabeth Davis’s Love Means Second Chances. Her novel empathetically conveys the real-life impacts of reproductive choice on a mother, daughter and grandmother, whose different feelings about abortion threaten to tear them apart.  “Set in the 1990s, this book […]

We Won! Freelance Isn’t Free Passes in NYS!

On Friday, June 3, the “Freelance Isn’t Free” bill sponsored by Senator Andrew Gounardes and Assemblymember Harry Bronson passed both the Senate and the Assembly. The bill will move to the Governor’s desk, where it will await her signature to be signed into New York State law.  Thousands of freelancers—both those living in New York, […]