Here some of our stories that Nautilus  contracted for and published, but has yet to pay for more than a year later for many of us.  Topics include selfishness, depression, rats, and impossible math. Also apropos, “Trust” is the theme of Nautilus’s December issue. 
Lorraine Boissoneault, Chicago, Illinois, NWU (@boissolm,
“Archaeologists are Planning to Sink This Ship Dozens of Times” Published Dec. 6, 2016
Matthew Hutson, New York City, NWU (@SilverJacket
“Selfishness is Learned” Published June 6, 2016
“Does Depression Have an Evolutionary Purpose?” Published February 9, 2017, and in the Jan/Feb 2017 print issue
“Why Power Brings Out Your True Self” Published March 3, 2017
Jon Irwin, Atlanta, Georgia
“Video Games Are Changing the Hero” Published December 22, 2017
Alla Katsnelson, Northampton, Massachusetts, NWU, NASW
“What the Rat Brain Tells Us About Yours”
Published April 13 online, and in April/May print issue.
Adam Kucharski, London, UK
Euclid as Founding Father. Published October 13, 2016.
Evelyn Lamb, Salt Lake City, Utah, NWU, NASW
The Impossible Mathematics of the Real World. Published June 8, 2017
Samantha Larson, Seattle, Washington, NWU
This is My Brain on Rock Climbing. Published March 9, 2017
Amy Maxmen, Berkeley, California, NASW
“Why Evolution is Ageist”
van Oransky, Northampton, Massachusetts, AHCJ,  NASW
“Why Fake Data When You Can Fake a Scientist?” Published November 24, 2016 (co-authored with Adam Marcus)
Simon Parkin, Brighton, UK
“How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games.” Published January 12, 2017
“How Video Games Satisfy Basic Human Needs.” Published January 4, 2017 (republished October 9, 2017)
Jessica Seigel   @jesseagull  
“Why You Feel the Urge to Jump: The science and philosophy of looking down from a high place.” Published March 30, 2017
Shannon Stirone, San Francisco, NWU, NASW @shannonmstirone
“Fictional Multiverses are Frankly Kind of Lame” Published January 2017  
Elizabeth Svoboda, San Jose, California, NWU @svobodster
“The Problem With Modern Romance Is Too Much Choice,” October 6, 2016.