Nautilus: Pay the Writers $180,000!

For Immediate Release

Contact: Larry Goldbetter, President


We are a group of freelance writers and editors represented by the National Writers Union who would like to express our concern about the terms of the sale of NautilusThink to NautilusNext. The filing that has been submitted to the court states that NautilusThink still owes $186,238.73 to its contributors. It also states that the purchaser, NautilusNext, “will donate one-hundred percent (100%) of its annual net profits until NautilusThink’s contributor obligations…are paid in full….” (Quoted section is from PDF page5 paragraph C of the NautilusThink Filing document.)

We have first-hand knowledge that Nautilus has not turned a profit in the past and that the publication has a well-established history of not paying its contributors. We were among them until we stood together with our union. It is outrageous to make these unpaid contributors wait to be paid out of profits that may not materialize for years to come, if at all. We request that as a condition of the State of New York approving the sale, that NautilusNext immediately pay the contributors the $186,238.73 that they are owed.

Former Nautilus Contributors,

Zach Zorich

Jessica Seigel

Shannon Stirone

Elizabeth Svoboda

Alla Katsnelson