Nautilus and NWU Make Progress on Freelancer Payments

New York, NY December 22 – This week Nautilus founder and publisher John Steele met with NWU President Larry Goldbetter to discuss resolving the issue of non-payment to freelancers at the award winning science magazine. Both Steele and Goldbetter expressed optimism that this issue will be resolved. 

The union is representing 19 Nautilus contributors who were owed about $56,000.  To date, four writers have been paid-in-full, about $6,000, and more checks have reportedly been put in the mail. Steele has agreed to present the union with a proposal for paying off the writers by January 1.

In related non-payment issues, NWU is in court in Chicago representing 48 freelance writers who are owed $85,000 by Ebony Media Organization and the Clear View Group. Ebony has to respond to the breach-of-contract claim by our next court date on January 5.  And NWU will soon have Uptown Magazine in court, representing 5 writers owed $20,000. 

Happy Holidays and #paythewriter!