National Writers Union (NWU) Recruitment Is Not Seasonal!

Membership campaigns require inspiring creatives with relational concerns and creating avenues for possible solutions. Reasons to join provide ways to decipher, analyze and share others experience, insight and motivation. Engagement ultimately depends upon the energy you are willing to extend towards a cause, an idea, and shared interests.

The NWU website delineates our mission and provides our ongoing evolutionary journey as a union.

My NWU journey began as a member, then with an invitation to join the Steering Committee. I volunteered support at book fairs, seminars, workshops, national book shows and picnics too! I served as a New York Delegate. I work as a Grievance and Contract Division Advisor and serve as member of the International and Immigration Committee.

These are areas that resonated within me. What does the NWU provide that resonates within you?

Your membership could include interests in peer engagement, diversity inclusion, promotional networking, copyright law updates, international issues, freedom of expression concerns, support for fellow unions, and assistance with the monetary restitution for freelancers. We have been at the forefront of the fight for freelancers in New York City, New York and extend this fight presently in Los Angeles, California.

NWU has introduced authors to publishers, agents, and illustrators. The NWU has hosted author-wisdom workshops, and promotional book signings.

Remaining open to topic suggestions and welcoming assistance in all areas maintains the NWU’s overall timeliness and viability. While always open to topic/discussion groups addressing writers’ needs, momentum builds from engagement. When I meet most writers in televised boxed rooms whether hybrid or in-person. they all respect and value comradery.

Fellow writers don’t have to explain each other. We understand our craft. Some of us welcome the constant evolution of our skills set and welcome constructive feedback. The NWU nurtures our craft at all stages of our work.

What does the NWU provide that resonates with you? Tell us. Share your story.


I am fortunate to work with many authors, poets and playwrights from around the world as an independent publisher. Our writing community supports one another with information, education and inspiration, and I am so fortunate to count Diane Ward among our talented members. Diane is a valuable resource to our community as she brings news, information and opportunities from the New York Chapter of the National Writers’ Union to our own group, recruiting members and sharing the work and support to be found at the NWU to our members.

The New York Chapter of the National Writers’ Union is an invaluable resource to the writing community of New York. From poets to publishers, the diverse membership of the NWU most certainly has one thing in common – their unwavering support of each other. As Diane Ward is a valued member of both the NWU as well as our own author community, she never hesitates to speak out about the NWU, pass along various events and activities, and encourage others to join and reap the many benefits the NWU has to offer. Diane is a terrific advocate and representative of The New York Chapter of the National Writers’ Union wherever she goes, and I am thrilled that she shares such a valuable resource with our authors.

Stephanie Larkin

Publisher, Red Penguin Books


Since her first session, Diane Ward has been a wonderful addition to my monthly writing program at the Mulberry Street Branch. In the span of a year, Diane has stood out as someone with a clear passion for the craft, her fellow writers and the organizations out there supporting the work we do. Through her writing, her engagement with other participants, and her advocacy on behalf of other fostering organizations such as the NWU, Diane has consistently proven herself to be a bona fide asset to the writing community.

Brandon Korosh

Adult Librarian

Mulberry Street Library