In Memoriam: NWU founding member Sarah E. Wright

Sarah E. Wright, a novelist, poet, teacher, writer, social and political activist and founding member of the National Writers Union died from cancer on September 13, 2009. She lived in Manhattan and was 80. She worked full-time as a bookkeeper and was a past vice president of the Harlem Writers Guild.

Her husband, Joseph Kaye, called the NWU office to let us know of Sarah’s passing and said that she was very proud to be a member of the union, as well as a UAW member. Her most famous work, “This Child’s Gonna Live,” is a novel about a black family struggling through the Great Depression in Maryland, where Sarah was originally from. 
Former NWU President Johnathan Tasini recalled Sarah as being “very committed and very active.”
Her obituary ran in the New York Times on October 4:
A memorial service will be held for Sarah on Saturday, November 14, at the Ethical Culture Center on 64th St. and Central Park West, at 2:00 p.m. I hope many of you can meet me there. We are all better off for having had Sarah Wright shape our union and our industry. 
~~Larry Goldbetter, president, NWU
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