Freelance Press Pass

NWU is one of the only places for US freelancers to obtain the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) press pass. This is a “must have” for U.S.-based journalists working outside of the U.S.

We also offer the NWU Press Pass.

The passes are available for purchase by qualified working journalist-members. They are both invaluable in gaining press access to many events. And access means earning!

Requirements to obtain a press pass:

  1. Applicant must be a member in good standing of the National Writers Union.
  2. Two-year membership at the time of purchase. If you are a current member, your membership must be extended for the duration of the two year press pass. If you are a new member, your membership must be for the length of a two-year period.).
  3. Completed application for a new press pass must be accompanied by:
  • Two passport-style head shots in front of a white background.
  • One of the following:
      1. One copy each of three recent (published within the past two years) articles showing the applicant’s byline, the date and name of the publication or Web site;
      2. A tape, CD, DVD, or link to a streaming audio/video web site containing clips of three pieces of news reporting or commentary, or one feature of 15 minutes or more;
      3. The title and copyright pages of a non-fiction book published within the last five years by a non-vanity publisher;
      4. The copyright page and table of contents showing the applicant’s name and title of an anthologized work published within the last five years.
      5.  Complete the brief Authors Coalition of America survey.
  • Applicants renewing an existing press pass will not be required to provide documentation of having been published.

Duration: two years plus one week from date of issue.


Domestic Press Pass — $59 including one-way Priority Mail postage.

Intl Press Pass — $99 including postage as above. (This price may be adjusted depending on the
exchange rate of the Euro versus the US dollar.)

Optional: USPS Domestic Express Mail — $25.50 (Please note that this fee changes as the USPS rates
change. Also, Priority Mail postage is already included in basic fee.)

Required: USPS International Express Mail — $64.25 and up (This fee is the mailing fee for any and all press
passes being sent outside of the US and may vary by location.)

All furnished information will remain confidential within the NWU office unless mandated otherwise by the applicant’s next of kin in the event of her/his death, or by legal authorities through a court order.

The National Writers Union cannot guarantee that a press pass will be honored by authorities at a specific event or venue.

Press Pass Application

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You do not need to upload headshots or articles if you are renewing your press pass.
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