Media Workers Plan “Freelance Isn’t Free” Campaign for IL

Chicago, IL – July 21: Today, about 20 freelance media workers gathered for a happy hour to learn more about the Freelance Isn’t Free law. This was the first in-person event hosted in Chicago by the Freelance Solidarity Project (FSP), the Digital Media division of NWU. 
Writers, editors, critics, fact-checkers, data reporters and production assistants all found something useful from Elaine Meyer’s and Kerry Cardoza’s presentation. Many attendees were broadly interested in labor and excited to have a cause to organize around, as most people, at some point or another, have experienced delayed payment from clients or publications. When discussing lawmakers to target in the statehouse, people had lots of suggestions and personal contacts that will be helpful later. The next step is to engage more freelance journalists and organizations that represent other types of independent contractors and gif workers.