ruth and the green book with CRRAMSEY FEATURED

The Sunday NY Times’ Michael T. Luongo interviewed Calvin Ramsey (inset left), playwright and author,  about his insights and his work:   Green Book projects.


Hard Ball Press recently published the Spanish/English bilingual children’s book, Joelito’s Big Decision/ La gran decisión de Joelito, written by Ann Berlak, illustrated by Daniel Camacho, and translated by José Antonio Galloso. In the tale, 10-year-old Joelito learns about the struggle for economic justice when he and his parents head into a restaurant, only to run into Joelito’s friend’s family, who are picketing the restaurant for higher wages. Then the boy has to choose between a juicy burger and taking a stand. September pub date; pre-order $10 copies from Hard Ball Press, independent booksellers, and Amazon.com. Appropriate for ages 6-12+.

Thank you to everyone who’s bought tickets to the September 26 performance of my new play, Stuff, at the United Solo Festival in midtown Manhattan. We’ve already opened in DC and received lovely reviews. 

At this writing, we only need to sell 8 more tickets to sell out the NYC performance. And if we do, they’ll give us another performance date.

In DC Theatre Scene, Christopher Henley gave Stuff 5 stars, “It’s a lovely, wonderfully written, beautifully detailed, and resonant solo show that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone…” he wrote. Buy tickets on line here. —John Feffer, director, Foreign Policy In Focus; editor, LobeLog Institute for Policy Studies www.johnfeffer.com


Recently Ellie Belew presented an overview of the labor history from her most book, Bringing Power to the People, at the opening reception of the 2015 Pacific Northwest Labor History Association Conference and MayWorks, a festival of workers’ art and culture sponsored by the Washington State Labor Council.

More about her book, Bringing Power to the People, at: http://elliebelew.com/power-to-the-people-2/