Journalism Division

 NWU journalists include news reporters, investigative journalists, feature writers, columnists and others who write for print and online publications. The Division strives to empower journalists in an industry where decisions made by the corporations that control publishing rarely favor creative professionals.


  • A standard journalism contracts that set out a fair and reasonable working relationship between writer and publisher can be found under Tools and Resources in the General section.
  • A Contract Advice network that puts members in touch with other freelancers who have a thorough knowledge of contract language and can offer negotiating assistance.
  • Fighting publishers who attempt to steal copyright from writers. This involves being on the cutting edge of the fight against all-rights and work-for-hire contracts. We have fought the introduction of these contracts at major newspapers and magazines throughout the United States such as in the case of Tasini vs. NY Times, the campaign for contract rights at AOL Time Warner, and the struggle against all rights contracts at the Boston Globe.
  • Assistance with the negotiation and sale of electronic rights. The includes our recommended policy on electronic rights and education about negotiating these rights.
  • Referrals to the NWU's very successful Grievance Officers when necessary.
  • Opposition to the growing use of "indemnification" clauses in contracts, whereby publishers seek to make writers liable for any legal action arising from their printed work.




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