Job: Campus Election Engagement Project

Campus Election Engagement Project

The Campus Election Engagement Project is a nationwide nonpartisan project that assists colleges and universities in getting students to vote. The group intends to work with more than 350 schools this year, providing nonpartisan candidate guides for students. The project is in search of a fact checker and researcher to help with this initiative.

The fact checher/researcher will work around 80 hours over the course of the next six weeks. At a max of $25 an hour, you’re looking at a potential contract of around $2,000. The job requires the ability to conduct quality research online, with the ability to discern good information from bad.

These guides help students to vote and determine whom to vote for. They are especially useful in midterms, when many of us do not know which districts we’re in and who’s running in our areas.

Here’s an example guide and an overview regarding how to produce them. If interested, contact Jonathan Romm at