Job: Author Seeks Transcriber

An aspiring author is searching for someone to transcribe recorded chapters of a book he plans to write. His name is Dr. Peter Speth.

Dr. Speth was born in 1936 in Cologne, Germany. At the time, his father was in jail for speaking up against Hitler. The family later immigrated to the United States, where Dr. Speth grew up in New Jersey.

Speth studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania before training as an aviation cadet to fulfill his draft obligation. He took part in a borderline tortorous training session known as the “Tiger Program.” The training inflicted mental and physical harm on cadets. Speth received an Honorary Discharge, sparing him firsthand experience in the Vietnam War.

Speth then moved to Germany to study medicine. After studying the people and the language, he attended the University of Heidelberg. He married in Germany and had two kids before returning to the US with his family in 1970. He and his wife Helge have been married for over 50 years. Read more about Dr. Speth on his website.

If you’re interested in working with him, send him an email.