If you are freelancing for Jacobin, whether for the website or the print magazine, your work is covered by an agreement negotiated between Jacobin and the National Writers Union. This agreement is detailed in two documents: a freelancer agreement that should be provided to you by Jacobin and a union agreement available from the National Writers Union by request. If you are currently freelancing for Jacobin and would like to request a copy of these agreements, click here to contact NWU

You do not have to be a member of the NWU to freelance for Jacobin. This agreement covers every freelancer who does work for Jacobin whether they are members of the NWU or not. If you would like to join NWU, click here for more information about becoming a member.

Here are some of the highlights of this agreement: 

Rates – Work appearing in the print magazine will be paid at a minimum of $125. Work appearing on the website will be paid at a minimum of $50. Writers are free to negotiate higher rates than this, but Jacobin is not allowed to pay writers any less. 

Kill fees – When work is assigned and rejected without request for revision, writer is entitled to 50% of the agreed upon fee. 

Payment – Full payment owed to writers will be paid within thirty days of completion of the work, including kill fees. 

Grievance Procedure – Writers are allowed to handle any disputes or grievances with The Nation through the National Writers Union and the agreed-upon grievance process.