9/11 Health Survey for Journalists

9/11 health survey from NY Press Photographers Assoc.

If you were in New York in 2001 and covered the 9/11 tragedy, please take a few minutes to fill this out. And if you know of a journalist who was there, feel free to forward it along to them. If you have any questions, please contact David Handschuh of the NYPPA-contact info provided below.
Your participation in this survey is important and much appreciated.
In solidarity,
E. Jeanne Harnois
National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981, Financial Secretary/Treasurer
Forwarded request:
We have launched a very important survey that will conclusively
determine the level of exposure that journalists incurred while
covering the attack at the World Trade Center and define the
level of illnesses that our community faces as a result of that
If you spent any time at the World Trade Center covering the
attack on 9.11 or after, or if you know a reporter, photographer,
editor, producer, technician or any other journalist who covered
the story, please go to
Or you can get more information on the NY Press Photographers
Assoc. and link to the survey by going to www.NYPPA.org and
scrolling down to the bottom, right-hand side under “Activism.”
Please pass this on to every journalist you know who was there.
Thank you!
David Handschuh
New York Press Photographers Association
Intergovernmental Relations Chair