IFJ International Solidarity in the Face of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Delegates to the 30th World Congress of IFJ, Tunis, June 2019

The following exchange took place between leaders of the International Federation of Journalists on Thursday, March 19, 2020 as the Covid-19 was wreaking havoc on Italy and Spain and beginning its escalated attack in North America. The international solidarity expressed here speaks for itself and offers some comfort and optimism in the face of this deadly crisis.

Peru: How are you comrades?  Special solidarity with the Spanish and Italian comrades.  Difficult time for everyone.  I hope you and your families are well.  In Peru in mandatory confinement 15 days but the family and I are fine for now.

¿Cómo están camaradas? Especial solidaridad con los camaradas españoles e italianos. Hora difícil para todos. Espero ustedes y sus familias estén bien. En Perú en confinamiento obligatorio 15 días pero la familia y yo bien por ahora

Brussels: I hope you and all our comrades are safe. Solidarity!

France: Solidarity with you, all and families! Kisses anti-virus !

US: Solidarity Comrades! Working from home, getting out for a walk. Reading and staying connected. This crisis exposes all the weaknesses of the profit system and those in charge. They are not fit to rule. Love and solidarity!

Palestine: All solidarity with Italy and Spain people and we hope our colleagues and their families are safe.  Thanks Zuliena for you initiative.

Canada: Hi from Canada, we are dealing with rising cases, 772 cases, 10 deaths total. People are asked to self-isolate if they can, practice social distancing and quarantine if they have symptoms. We’re not in as bad shape as other countries, but we’re just starting to see rising cases. Solidarity to Spain, Italy for sure, and any other hard-hit countries. Many union members are working from home. Testing is limited. Lots of worry about long term impacts in already struggling newspapers.

Russia: Dear colleagues, our solidarity with all of those who suffer from the pandemic and their relatives. RUJ as many other organizations here, is closed for quarantine, and the international borders are almost fully closed. Same time huge economic crisis and fall of local currency.  Please take care and stay strong.

Austrailia: Love and strength to all of you and I hope you and your families are all safe and well. Today in Australia the border is closing, possibly for six months. I look forward to seeing you all again when we come through this terrible time. Stay well

France: Solidarity with you, all and families. Kisses anti-virus.

Italy: Thank you comrades. It is a very hard period, but I am fine. I am sure we will meet again soon and we will be stronger! Take care and best wishes. Raffaele

Palestine: May best wishes brother, Raffaele Lorusso

Peru: Raffaele, Paco, our solidarity and friendship. It is good to know that we are all well. We are concerned about regional newspapers in Peru. Confinement represents non-sales and temporary closure.  We will get a note soon.

Spain: Thanks to all. I am confined in the countryside of my native village, far from Madrid. To communicate is not so easy from this mountain, but I go down to the village once per day to get bread, other food and to the pharmacy. One neighbor was sent urgently to hospital (100 kms from here). Still I can buy two newspapers every day! I am alright with my wife Paloma. We continue working for media. I have written articles about COVID-19 for Spanish publications and for LLB (Belgium). I work the land and feed animals around also. The authorities and people in the village are taking things very seriously. As far as I know, comrades of our affiliates are OK. Best

Palestine: My best wishes Brother Paco, to you and your family and all our friends and colleagues. Greetings.

Spain: To you too!!!!!

Spain: Dear Nasser, to work in the trees I use the vest with IFJ and Palestinian union logos!!! The birds must sing differently after watching me around!

Palestine: Stay strong, my friend, and we will win. We’ll see you soon, in good health and safety

Spain: Not always lnternet work well here, but I am very lucky tonight and happy to have you on the other side!!

France: Lovely to réalise that friendship and solidarity are strong around the world! Kisses anti-virus to all!