Heart & Soul magazine, August 10, 2016


Heart & Soul continues to cheat its former writers, some of whom remain unpaid for years. Since the Writer Alert posted in April 2013 reporting that H&S had yielded to pressure from the NWU and the UAW  and had started reimbursing writers in installments, three more NWU members have come to the union for help. Together the three are owed almost $50,000. Two were being paid on a schedule to which H&S had committed in mid 2014, but no payment has been made in well over a year. The third has received nothing for an article she wrote that was published by the magazine in the summer of 2012.

In repeated communications over several months between the magazine and the NWU, the magazine has promised to pay, pleading financial woes and insisting that approval for a loan was imminent. Nothing has happened since the NWU’s National Grievance Officer last wrote in June threatening to post a Writer Alert. The NWU is pursuing this matter energetically. We urge writers to consider this situation before submitting work to Heart & Soul.

If you are having problems with Heart & Soul, or any other publisher, please contact the NWU Grievance and Contract Division at advice@nwu.org.