Greetings to the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) on Your 5th General Assembly

Sisters and Brothers;

The National Writers Union salutes you on your fifth General Assembly. You, more than most, are on the front lines of defending journalism and a free press under some of the most vicious attacks and violations of union rights. Your union has stood up to killings, arrests and intimidation of journalists and has not backed down. In fact, you have advanced under attack.

We are inspired by your battles against the Somali government, unscrupulous employers, in the courts, at the ILO, the African Human Rights Commission and the European Parliament.  You have not just become the symbol of the struggle of free and independent unions in Somalia, but for us as well.  Stand strong and keep up the fight for journalists’ rights, press freedom and safer working conditions for news men and women in Somalia, and we will always stand with you.

Best wishes for a successful General Assembly.