Go On Girl! Book Club selects Passion’s Pride for its recommended summer reading

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00029]Go On Girl! Book Club, the largest national reading organization in the U.S. for black women, has chosen“Passion’s Pride – Return to the Dawning,” by author Cathie Wright-Lewis, for its summer reading choice in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre. The spiritual novel explores the connection between the Twin Towers, symbols of American wealth and power, and the slave trade that led so many African slaves to their death and burial at the foot of the Towers. 

Cathie_Wright-Lewis_head_shot__1_Passion’s Pride shows the protagonist’s existential pain over slavery and its long, enduring legacy in America, while holding onto the promise of equality and understanding. At a time when Americans are beginning to talk openly and honestly about racism and social inequality, Wright-Lewis’s book makes an important contribution to this vital American discussion.

Tim Sheard UAWPassion’s Pride was published by Hard Ball Press, a company dedicated to helping working class people write and publish their stories, founded by New York Chapter Chair Tim Sheard.

CONGRATULATIONS Cathie and Tim!  Well done. 

For more information, email timsheard@hardballpress.com.