Freelance Writers Guide


Focusing on the Business Side
of a Writing Career

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The National Writers Union Freelance Writers' Guide, 2nd edition, was published in November, 2000. The 2nd edition is a completely revised and updated — and significantly expanded — version of the original NWU Guide to Freelance Rates & Standard Practice, published in 1995.

Unlike other writers' handbooks, the NWU Guide focuses its aim on the business of writing. The information it presents is solidly grounded in the experience of working freelance writers. The NWU Guide does something no other book does: It provides writers working in virtually every freelance field with real-world advice on winning better contract terms, better working conditions, and higher pay.

Like the 1995 edition, the 2nd edition features current data on book advances and royalties, per-word rates for periodical journalism, and prevailing hourly rates for technical writing and writing for the corporate and not-for-profit markets. But the Guide also broadens its scope to cover markets and issues not treated, or given only brief attention, in the first edition.

Among the many topics newly covered are temp agencies, self- incorporation, ergonomics, self-promotion, taxes, grant writing, literary competitions, and online instruction.

Genres discussed in the NWU Guide include books, periodical journalism, technical writing, corporate writing, writing for literary magazines, academic writing, instructional writing and writing for film, TV, radio, and the stage. And, reflecting the enormous changes that have swept the publishing industry over the past five years, the Guide features a greatly expanded chapter on electronic publishing, focusing especially on issues of relevance to book authors and journalists.

More than 20 bylined contributions include a series of personal essays in which writers relate their experiences in fields as diverse as sportswriting, poetry, writing for the Web, ghostwriting, and book reviewing. The Guide's chapter on diversity issues has been expanded and now includes discussions of the challenges faced by writers of color, writers with disability, and lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender writers. A chapter on censorship thoroughly covers ongoing battles over freedom-of-speech issues in the United States.

The National Writers Union Freelance Writers' Guide is edited by James Waller and produced by Thumb Print, a Brooklyn, New York-based editorial and graphic design services company.

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