Free Magazine on Journalists and Jobs

These aren’t the easiest of times for journalists. We’ve watched wages drop and jobs disappear. We live in a country whose president regularly questions the integrity of reporters. In that environment, the current issue of the Columbia Journalism Review’s magazine devotes most of its pages to the precarious nature of jobs and incomes in the US.

The Columbia Journalism Review describes itself as a non-profit media watchdog and advocate for a sustainable free press. It has put out two issues a year since 2016, down from the bimonthly publication of a few years prior (perhaps an indication of the subject at hand). The 2018 spring and summer edition is titled: “The Jobs Issue – Working.” It follows the winter edition titled “The Fear Issue – Threats.”

Issues are available to read online free of charge. This isn’t a download. You can read content from past and present issues right inside your browser.

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