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Multilingual Editor, Writer — offline and online — Content Strategist and WordPress Developer. Website Editor for New York Women in Communications (, Lead Editor for political and social web campaigns and Founder of Content + Design LLC for mission-driven nonprofits and personal brands. I help you get your message across. Online and print, news and in-depth, timely and timeless, social, mobile, wearable: Good content matters on every platform.
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I imagine sitting with Nellie Bly in a coffee shop close to her home at 15 West 37th Street, where she lived, comparing notes how far women journalists have come in the past 100 years.
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Young writers want to be liked. They text and tweet with fervor about their lives — but in their writing, most won’t bare themselves. They lack grit. Here’s my pep talk.
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“I was just part of a cabal, fighting the injustice of it all, of how women were treated in every field.” Helen Thomas reacts almost hesitantly when I suggest that without her, women journalists might not be where we are today. No, she is not a trailblazer, she says resolutely.