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Leslie Jones McCloud is a professional writer who has worked as a reporter for City News Bureau of Chicago, Chicago Defender Newspaper, Alliance News, Post Tribune, Boca Raton News and Crusader Newspaper during her eight year career. She has also worked at WJOB in Northwest Indiana and WTLC in Indianapolis. Ms. McCloud holds a B.S. degree in Journalism from Indiana State University.
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Enjoyable short read.
Work Sample 1 Description
Thinking About Not Going to Hell
A waking thought, I think is relevant. I awoke thinking that I cannot be caught dead in hell. I do not want to go to hell. According to all of the sermons I have heard and my own reading, it is easy to go to hell.
Work Sample 2 Description
Police begin to rope off the area with yellow tape. Lead detectives VICTOR CROWE and THEO MARRSEC, stand over Toyman and twist their faces in disgust.

Crowe and Marrsec are mid career detectives who are rising stars in the police force because they have a 98 percent solvability rate on cases they investigate.

Toyman is laying mutilated in a thick patch of weeds. A bloody brick is nearby. Someone has tossed a dirty, blood-splattered sheet across his body.
Not much we can do about this one, huh?

Nope, not much at all.
Crowe, leaning over Toyman to closely examine the murder scene, notices a liquor bottle near his head. He picks it up and shoves it in his pocket.

News reporters stand among the crowd with pencils moving quickly. Others point cameras into the faces which make up the neighborhood.

On Crowe and Marrsec’s direction, two men are led away and seated inside a squad car. The detectives seat themselves in the front seat of the car for only a moment. Then all of the men get out.
They’re okay.
Uniformed officers look confused but let the men go free. Crowe shoves something that looks like a roll of bills into his pocket.

One of the men lifts his bare arm in the direction of two little boys, pointing at them and nodding slowly.

Crowe signals to police to put the kids in the back of a police wagon.

A woman standing nearby starts to shriek and fight the police officers who carry out the task with grim looks on their faces. The crowd’s grumbles grow louder.

A man picks up a baseball bat and shatters a police car’s windshield. But he is quickly wrestled to the ground. Marrsec tries to calm the woman.
Ma’am, we’re just going to question the boys, that’s all. They’ll probably be home in time for dinner. Are you one of these boys’ mother?
A man driving small dusty red car is parked across the street from the crowd, looking in the direction of the woman and Marrsec. The woman watches in silence as one of the four men inside turns his face towards hers and runs a gnarled finger across the front of his neck, signaling for the woman not to say a word.

Nervously, the woman rakes her thin fingers through uncombed hair, She is staring at detective Marrsec. They were both turned in the direction of the men but he did nothing more to assure her safety. Marrsec only returned her stare. The woman turns and runs up the stairs to an apartment inside.
Work Sample 3 Description
The Pentagon had never been attacked before -- ever! That meant war, in my small, plain-citizen mind.

Before leaving home, I called my mom -- several times. I told her about what I saw on television. She was watching a taped re-run of "Murder She Wrote," on a cable station then that transmission was interrupted so mother turned and turned again and the transmission was the same -- the planes! Mom said not to worry because America was always safe. I pointed out that the Pentagon had been hit. She was silent for a moment but told me do not disrupt the children's day in school and above all, do not panic. I didn't listen. I tore out of the house to get my kids.

When I arrived at the school, the staff asked why I was so flustered and I told them. They had blank stares. I asked them when, in their or their parent's lifetime, had they heard of our nation's capital being under attack? The Pentagon had been hit. The women looked worried and began to make calls of their own.