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Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty is a mother, social justice organizer, youth advocate, poet and author. She was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and is intricately involved in water rights, digital justice and visionary organizing work in Detroit. She is a past recipient of the Spirit of Detroit Award, Woman of Substance Award, Women Creating Caring Communities Award, the Detroit Awesome Award, the Black Law Student Association Justice Award, and was recognized as one of Who’s Who in Black Detroit in 2013 and 2015.

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Performing at One Woman Show
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Introducing Honeycomb is author Tawana "Honeycomb" Petty's first self-published publication. It features her original poems, quotes and haiku.
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Coming Out My Box is author Tawana "Honeycomb" Petty's second book of poems. It also features articles & essays which take a deep look inside the soul of Black woman born and reared in Detroit, Michigan. It is an honest portrayal of her life experiences, thoughts and political upbringing.
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Article features a write-up about Tawana "Honeycomb" Petty's long anticipated one woman show, Coming Out My Box.
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