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Corey Lee Wilson is an author, publisher, freedom of speech advocate and the leading advocate for the transformation of the fratire genre of literature. He founded Fratire Publishing in 2012. ( In 2018 he restarted the #MannersNow hashtag for the petition for a National "Be a Gentleman and Be a Lady" Month Proclamation and Awareness Program. ( In 2019, he founded the non-profit S.A.P.I.E.N.T. Being organization ( to help bring back free speech, open dialogue and civil discourse to college campuses as well as promote sapience.
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President - Fratire Publishing
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The SAPIENT Being’s primary goal is to return free speech to college campuses (and high schools too) by creating opportunities for open dialogue that ensure there is a decorum of civil discourse when this happens. We are a non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious, and non-sectarian organization that subscribes to only one ideology; which is human sapience (wisdom); and welcome with open minds, arms and hearts the believers and practitioners from all ideologies, faiths and walks of life.

This is a great venue for independent minded students who want to hear both sides of an issue, from any topic, without intimidation. It's also a perfect opportunity for liberal and conservative leaning students to come together and openly debate the hottest and most contentious issues facing America and the world today. We accomplish this by following the highest standards of civil discourse and debating each other’s ideas, premises and principles without attacking their character with malice and prejudice.

The organization’s vision statement is to return free speech, open dialogue and civil discourse to high school and college campuses without intimidation and threat of violence to those with differences in opinion, ideologies and practices. The SAPIENT Being’s mission statement is to establish on-campus clubs, chapters and alliances where independent, liberal and conservative minded students so they can meet safely and freely together to learn the facts about the important issues facing us today and how best to debate and address them with sapience. The corollary benefits are creating new debating societies and leaders on campuses, helping to develop and improve their debating skills, and introducing new and relevant debating topics on campus ahead of the 2020 elections.


Society Advancing Personal Intelligence and Enlightenment Now Together

Return free speech, open dialogue and civil discourse to high school and college campuses without intimidation and threat of violence to those with differences in opinion, ideologies and practices; and encourage open debate and dialogue and free expression of alternative and different viewpoints with the goal of creating a society advancing personal intelligence and enlightenment now together.


Return Free Speech, Open Dialogue and Civil Discourse to Our College Campuses

Provide students the opportunity to start SAPIENT Being campus clubs, chapters and network systems where independent, liberal and conservative minded students can meet safely and freely to learn the facts about the important issues facing us today and become wiser in the process by practicing, protecting and promoting free speech and its principles.
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People ask me all the time what it was like growing up as wild hippy gypsy child of the Sixties with a Playboy Bunny for a mom. “It almost seems surreal—like it was somebody else’s life—and not my own,” I often tell them.

It’s hard to compare to an average life, as ours was more like a modern-day version of a Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer story. When I think back about it and our greatest adventure hitch-hiking on the interstate highways and byways of the USA, I can only imagine how it must have felt for Huck and Tom in their day as their greatest adventures were carried aloft on the swift and powerful Mississippi River.

Just try to imagine for one minute being a precocious ten-year old, and along with your younger brother of nine, your fugitive mother, and a dog named Robespierre—you’re dropped off by Hell’s Angels at the last off-ramp on Interstate 8, many miles east of San Diego. All by yourselves, it’s up to you and your mom’s good looks to hitch-hike due east to Miami, Florida, and then make it to the Bahamas by boat.

Now do the same if you’re a single mother! A desperate one whose love for her two boys overwhelms her sense of right from wrong—and allows herself to kidnap her sons after she loses custody of them to her parents—for being deemed by the Dept. of Social Services as an unfit mother because of her “carefree” life-style.

Well, I didn’t have to imagine it! It happened during the summer of ‘68; a year without parallel in American history. A crazy year with the ongoing war in Vietnam, the sexual revolution, space race, peace and hippy movements, assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Bobby Kennedy, race riots, the Democratic National Convention, rock and roll, and drugs. It was a year that will no doubt go down as one of the most dangerous and provocative ever. Our epic journey seemed to fit in with everything else that was happening around us.

Without further ado, strap on your reading helmet, rev up the chapters, hit the page by page throttle button—and take a trip on one of the wildest rides of the Sixties you’ll ever have. Enjoy!

Corey Lee Wilson
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Preface – Why I Wrote This Book

It finally hit me one day after I kept hearing my tween aged daughter rave time and time again after she saw a good-looking guy. “Boy! Is he hot?” “He’s so hot!” “He’s smokin’ hot!” So, it got me thinking; ‘Maybe she’s going to end up wild and promiscuous like my single Playboy Bunny mom!’ Worried like any loving father, I remembered articles on how family traits skip a generation. If that were true for my daughter, she could end up being a Playboy centerfold ten years later!

Determined to make sure that didn’t happen, I did extensive research regarding teenage dating and sexuality while she was a teenager, covering every pertinent fact and statistic regarding teenage dating and sexuality. What I discovered during this journey of enlightenment there was NO definitive book about teenage sexuality and dating! I decided to become an expert myself on the comical, emotional, and humiliating aspects of adolescent behavior, as well as the darker side of teenage pregnancy, STDs, and intimate partner violence.

Knowing what I wanted then as a testosterone fueled teenage boy versus what I know now as a protective father of teenage daughter, I sat down and wrote So You Want to Date My Daughter? A Father’s Rulebook on the Do’s and Don’ts for Dating His Little Princess, the definitive book for every-day-dads and parents like you and me who need a how-to-manual in life. Because of that and what I learned along the way, it’s now this book’s mission to help prepare and em-power other dads and daughters (and moms too) for safe and sane dating and pass this practical information along from every chapter.

So how did my daughter make it through her teenage dating years you might ask? Did she turn out to be wild and promiscuous like her Playboy Bunny grandmother? I’m relieved to inform you, we both made it safely through her teenage dating years, without any incidences, and she’s a mature and responsible adult now, and turned out better than any dad could hope for. Yours can too with some straight forward advice, practical knowledge and preparation.

Yours truly,

Corey Lee Wilson
Author & Publisher
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