Fellowships for DC Area Arts Writers

DC area arts writers, listen up: Day Eight, a non-profit committed to empowering people to participate in the arts, is providing an opportunity to help you get your career off the ground through a fellowship.

The DC Arts Writing Fellowship, which is now accepting applications, is an effort to cultivate arts writers early in their careers, or to support those seeking to transition into the profession.

To apply, you must submit a resume, cover letter, and a sample article on the Day Eight website. The application period ends at midnight on November 28.

The 2018 fellowship will last from January 15 through May 1. Fellows will attend the Arts Writing Colloquia March 24 (which is also open to anyone interested in learning from this year’s fellowship mentors).

Day Eight will provide fellows with a $1,700 stipend to help with expenses during the fellowship  period. The funding comes, in part, from the DC Commission on the Arts.

Over the course of several months, writers will develop their portfolio of published work and receive mentoring from established writers. This year’s mentors include Sarah Kaufman (Washington Post), Maura Judkis (Washington Post), and John Anderson (City Paper, Art in America).

Fellows will be embedded with Tagg magazine, DC Theatre Scene, or the Northwest Current. Work will  include managing the Artapedia social media and publication channels to promote content.

 The full schedule is available online.