What can the GCD do for me?

If you’ve received a contract for your writing in any genre, we review it with you and recommend changes. For details on requesting contract advice, see www.nwu.org/contract-advice.

If you have a grievance – if you haven’t been paid, if your publisher or client is violating the terms of your contract, if your work is being used without your consent — we work with you on strategies and intervene if necessary. For details on filing a grievance, see www.nwu.org/grievance-assistance.

We make model contracts and contract guides in all genres – including agents, academic writing, journalism, collaborations, and work for hire as well as books – available to our members. We are constantly working to update this literature. We also provide articles on such topics as negotiation, e-book contracts, and finding agents.

We offer seminars and other educational programs to make writers aware of issues that affect their ability to make a living by writing. An example is the series of webinars we are about to roll out on electronic book contracts.

If you have questions about the publishing business, your rights, or specific companies or markets, we try to field your question or refer you to someone who can.

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