I write for pleasure. I consider myself an artist, not a worker.

Yes, some of us write for pleasure and don’t depend on writing income to support ourselves. Yet our writing has value: since publishing is a profitable business, we deserve to be treated with respect and consistency and to receive a fair share of the proceeds. We all need to ask for what we deserve so […]

My agent does my contract negotiating for me.

Agents’ loyalties are to some degree divided: since they represent a number of clients, they may have to back down on some issues to protect their ongoing business relationships with publishers. Agents also get a cut of money an author gets but may not fully back the author on other issues. We advise members on […]

What will you give me?

We are not a service organization. We are an activist organization of writers who work together to get better wages and conditions for all of us. Members get access to valuable resources (contract advice, press passes, etc.) but we are a union, not a club. Our primary raison d’etre is advocacy and change.