Must I live in the U.S. to use your services?

No. If your publisher or client is in the U.S., we handle your case in our usual ways. Otherwise, we are still bound by union rules to do all we can to help you, but legal and other differences might hinder us. We may have to refer you to organizations in the publisher’s country; if […]

In a grievance, what clout do you have if you can’t threaten legal action?

You’d be surprised at how effective we can be by just advocating on your behalf. Often we can be effective simply because a third party can achieve better results that someone who’s personally involved. When necessary we’ve used publicity (Writer Alerts, social media and writers’ forums, press releases, etc.), complaints to influential individuals and organizations […]

What can’t the GCD do?

To answer the most frequently asked of all questions, we are not lawyers and we do not offer legal advice or represent you in court. Nor do we refer you to individual lawyers. We do not serve as your agents or negotiate with publishers on your behalf. We do not recommend publishers or agents, although […]

How do I contact you?

Send an email to Putting “GCD” in the subject line will help to ensure that the spam gremlins don’t get it. [Let’s replace this language with a link to a contact specifically form for GCD.] You may leave a message at 212-254-0279, extension 10. But emails are quicker and more efficient. Furthermore, we need […]

Who is eligible to receive help?

You must be an NWU member in good standing to receive contract advice or grievance assistance, and most of our documents are accessible only to members. However, anyone can ask a question, and we’ll answer it if we can do so with public information.

What makes GO-CAs qualified to do this work?

First, new GO-CAs go through a thorough interview process. Next, they are put through an intensive training program. After that, they are mentored for several months by experienced GO-CAs, who supervise their work and are available to answer questions and offer coaching. Some of us have been doing this work for over twenty years.

Who are the people in the GCD?

Our volunteer grievance officers and contract advisors (we call them “GO-CAs”) are union writers who have been trained to help you. They are not lawyers, and they cannot give legal advice or represent you in court, but they really understand publishing contracts and writers’ rights.

What can the GCD do for me?

If you’ve received a contract for your writing in any genre, we review it with you and recommend changes. For details on requesting contract advice, see If you have a grievance – if you haven’t been paid, if your publisher or client is violating the terms of your contract, if your work is being […]