Help Us Design New NWU Swag

The NWU delegates are coming to New York in August, but how will the throngs of writers know who these important people are without NWU T-shirts or caps or buttons? The same is true for all of our NWU members.

How would you like to show your NWU pride? We’re looking for input about what items you’d like: T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, baseball caps, PopSockets for phones? In the past, our T-shirts have quickly sold out at $15 a piece. 

Please complete this very brief survey to give us some ideas.

We’re also looking for volunteers to create the new NWU swag items:

  • Collecting pricing and vendor information
  • Proposing new slogans
  • Helping with design

These items will be given to the new NWU delegates in New York in August and will also be available for order by NWU chapters. If you’re interested in helping, please email Alex Faiz at by Monday, June 18. We’ll be meeting online, so any NWU member can join.