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Globally focused writer and analyst, with an M.A. in Diplomacy & International Relations, providing keen insight into a variety of hot-button international issues and headlines—including finance/trade, economics, and politics—for United Nations Association websites. Recognized ability to evaluate breaking stories and changing policies and explain their potential national and worldwide impact. Writings complement 20+ years of experience leading editorial teams for a media-monitoring service provider—instrumental in bringing organization and consistency to processes and projects, with a focus on meeting deadlines and budgets. Strong writer and communicator, with a background that includes authoring a variety of materials, from short articles to comprehensive research papers. Proficient in English and Spanish (reading/writing).
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Work Sample 1 Description
Published article regarding the Iran nuclear deal and why it was not in the U.S. interest to withdraw from this agreement.
Work Sample 2 Description
Published article was written in connection with the human rights violations and atrocities being perpetrated upon the Rohingya people in Myanmar.
Work Sample 3 Description
Published piece was written to coincide with the Sustainable Development Goals agenda (2030) and how is of paramount importance that all peoples of the world are included in this framework, including people with disability.